Monday, March 21, 2011


I won a giveaway a while back - this cute little mustache brooch, made by Bek over at Dreamfctry

The thing is, this win and this particular item comes at a perfect time, because every March alot of people in the military, specifically the Air Force do what's called "Mustache March," where they grow mustaches, obviously.  Some offices will even have competitions to see who has the best (or fullest, or creepiest, etc.) mustache at the end of the month.

Every year my husband usually forgets to grow his out.  But guess who is not only participating this year, but running the competition in his office?  Yes, that's right, my creepy husband (who's actually trying to look extra creepy in this picture).

So that means I have an entire month of being weirded out every time I look at the person I love.  Some people can pull off mustaches, some can't (although I'm not naming names).

I thought it would be fitting to get a picture of us both with our mustaches.  Aren't we cute?


  1. ha ha! My hubby did this while deployed and I told teased him that it looked like he had chocolate milk on his face. Now, our oldest will say, "Daddy, remember when you had a chocolate milk mustache?" LOL!

  2. When Landon did that one time...thank heavens it was 'that one time' was Moustache May. And it was the year 2006. And it was the month we finally brought Grant home from the hospital. So now all our May hospital/homecoming pictures have a creepy guy with a moustache in them.

    My dad is someone that can do the moustache thing. Maybe it's just because I've always known him to have one since I was born, but when he shaves it off THAT creeps me out. I don't recognize him!

  3. he's titally succeeding at the creepy guy look.

  4. LOL - but at least this is better than what my hubby did on his Navy cruise. While he was in the Mediterranean, he decided he didn't want to mess with his hair, so he shaved his head. Bald. *sigh*

    When I saw pics, I was glad I didn't have to see him (or be seen with him) for six months.

    At least April is around the corner - maybe you can buy him a new razor. :)