Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011 To Do List - Check In!

Elizabeth, over at Don't Call Me Betsy, is doing a little check up to see how we're all doing with our 2011 goals.  Here's what I posted, way back in January, as my To Do List for 2011, with the progress next to it.

*Christmas Quilt
*Nathaniel's Quilt - DONE!

*Daiquiri's Baby Quilt - WIP

*Emily's Baby Quilt
*Kendall's Quilt - WIP
*Cami's Quilt - WIP
*Birdie Stitches BOM - WIP (January's block done)

*Christmas Tree Skirt
*Join a Bee - DONE!  (May is the first month, and that's mine!)

I didn't blog about this, but I'm also doing a "Pay It Forward 2011" for some Facebook friends, so here's the progress on that...

*Marybeth's Mug Rug - DONE!

*Marchelle's Camera Strap
*Trina's Apron
*Something for Kelly J.
*Allison's Mug Rug

Ummmm, yeah.  Doesn't look like I've done that much.  But I have done alot that's not on my to-do list, so that counts for something, right?  And I've added some things, too, which probably isn't a good thing. 

I mentioned it before, but I made a quilt for Modern Relief - Japan.  I actually finished that last night, and will be blogging about that later, but here's a sneak peak...

I also want to make Easter dresses for my girls.  Since this one has a very definite timeline (less than a month) that's the next thing I'm going to work on, as soon as my machine gets back from the doctor.  Which, by the way, I dropped it off this morning, and my oldest daughter cried.  She thinks I'm never getting it back!  That's either very weird or very sweet.


  1. That's a great list, Kelly! I just love Nathaniel's quilt, it's just stunning. And I love your mug rug, I really need to give those pluses a try, they're so darn cute :)

  2. I would say you've finished a good amount! It's funny that your daughter cried when you dropped off the machine. I think I would be the one crying if my machine had to go to the doctor!