Monday, January 31, 2011


This past Saturday was our monthly sew day for the LAMQG.  I took in my fabric for the Birdie Stitches BOM, and fabric for a baby quilt I needed to start working on.  I had imagined getting alot more finished in the time I was there (4 1/2 hours), but because of alot of cutting I needed to do, I didn't get as much sewing done as I had intended. 

I got all the fabric for the Birdie Stitches cut.  That's a lot of little 2 1/2" squares!  Plus, all of the middle fabric for the blocks.  I was only able to get two blocks totally sewn together and I just had to move on after that, because my brain was about to explode.  So I'm at least ahead of the game for the February and March blocks (you can see my January block here)!

For the baby quilt, I'm using the Building Blocks Baby Quilt pattern that I saw on Moda Bakeshop.  The pattern is assuming that you have a layer cake of fabric, which I don't.  So there's ALOT of cutting involved for this one.  Still, I got 7 out of the 20 blocks assembled.   (I'm not showing all the blocks, just in case Daiquiri happens to read my blog, so it's just a little sneak peak)

I'm really loving this!  The fabric is the My Happy Nursery line from Cloud9 Fabrics, and it's just so soft and the prints are beautiful!  And how cute are those little elephants?  I hope baby Brig loves it!

Unfortunately, I didn't do alot of roaming around to see what everyone else was working on at the sew, so I was happy to see Nichole's pictures of some of the projects.  Check them out here, if you're interested!


  1. i wish we could go fabric shopping together. you find the cutest fabrics! i need to find a fantastic fabric store here...grrr.

  2. Those elephants with the little flags are adorable!