Tuesday, November 2, 2010

LAMQG Weekend Sew

This past Saturday, I went to my second weekend sew for the LAMQG. I can't believe how much I got done! I didn't finish what I wanted to (my niece's quilt), but I got alot done on it. I could've finished, but I changed my plan for it (thanks to Melissa, Latifah and Liz's help...they steered me in the right direction), and needed to get a different fabric for it. But I got all the blocks done, so that was the biggest part.

I'm glad I brought a second project to work on, because I would've just sat there for a few hours with nothing to do! It's going to be a sliced nine patch. I've been eyeing that quilt for a while, and got the fabric for it a few months ago. The pattern calls for charm squares and honeybuns, but I couldn't find those precuts in the fabric I wanted, so I'm having to do all the cutting, which takes FOREVER (106 charms and I don't know how many honeybuns)! But I got a lot of it done, and cut out just enough fabric for me to complete my first block. I'm gonna love this quilt!

Nichole took some great pictures so I asked if I could borrow them for my blog and she said yes! Enjoy!

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