Monday, October 25, 2010


I found this one - Quilt Ventura. It was a great little store with a nice selection! In the main part of the store, they had everything from batiks to designers. They even had a parrot named Hoagie (who Kendall absolutely loved talking to)!

While I was browsing, one of the workers there told me that they had a bunch of sale fabrics in the back. I went to check it out and found these gems....

I laughed out loud when I saw them, so I had to buy a little bit of it (they had some precuts available).

I'm participating in a swap in which I signed up for red and blue fabric to send. I signed up for that a few weeks ago, but hadn't cut my fabric yet, so when it was time to, I decided these little guys would have to be a part of the swap. I hope they make people laugh.

If you're ever up in that part of the state, or driving on the 101 thru Ventura, this store is definitely worth a stop!

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