Friday, July 23, 2010

Quilt Festival!

Last night was the preview night for the Long Beach Quilt Festival. Melissa and I, along with our girls - that's 4 kids, 2 mamas - packed ourselves into my Durango, and headed over there. We should've taken a picture, because we were quite the spectacle. Melissa had Sprout in the Moby, I had Cami in my Moby, and Kendall and Mookie were in the double stroller. We got more than a few comments from people.

It was a lot of fun. The highlight for me being the $5 all-the-fabric-you-can-squeeze-in grab bags from one of the local shops here in Torrance, Momen+. When we go back on Saturday, I plan on getting another bag, and filling it even fuller!

My absolute FAVORITE piece that I found was this gem. I'm hoping I can find more of it on Saturday.

I love the little sewing shop. I'm thinking this would be perfect Mod Podged onto canvas, and hung in a craft room. I don't have a craft room right now, but I can dream, right?

I also scored this awesome Heather Ross fabric, that I have in mind to do something with for a certain niece of mine.

We also met Amanda, from The Quilted Fish, who has one line of fabric out now, and another one coming out next year.

Another vendor liked our girls so much, she gave the two older ones their very own roll of fabric! Mookie and Kendall were thrilled.

Can't wait to go back tomorrow!

I've also been busy with my quilts. I got the back done for Kendall's Christmas quilt, and I've basted that one together. I've also basted the pink and green disappearing nine patch quilt, and began quilting it. I haven't done the quilt along this week, but I'll get to it.


  1. Ooh -- I love the antique shop fabric, too! I don't think I got any of that. I am in love with everything I did get, though, and I'm totally planning on getting more on Saturday. If you think about it, we spent less on that fabric than on a meal "deal" at McDougal's!
    (And,yes, we should have gotten a picture of all us girls! Darnit.)

  2. Sounds like something I would have loved and I love the cute fabric you got!

  3. so jealous of your score! I find my new quilting stash just growing and growing. So, after we are done with a few quilts and have the stash of "what are we going to do with all these fabrics that we have already used in other quilts" we can trade!! ; ) Of course, that will be a little while for me.

  4. oh my, i LOVE that little piece of fabric. darn it for not living near you two!!