Friday, June 18, 2010

Quilt Along - Week 2

We got back from our vacation last night. It was an amazing vacation, but to say I was obsessed with the quilt along while I was gone would be an understatement. Needless to say, as soon as I got a few minutes this morning, I started cranking out this week's assignment. Even though I finished the block, I haven't finished the assignment, because I only sewed two pairs of strips together, just so I could get this done. Hey, I do have a lot of laundry and unpacking to do! But at least I'm satisfied with seeing some results!

So here it is - the center block for the quilt!

Not bad, although it's not perfect, and I'm really trying to not obsess about that. After I sewed the 4-patch together, and saw that the corners didn't line up, I ripped out the seam and tried again. It's better than it was, but they still didn't line up. But I told myself not to rip out the seam again, and to just leave it be. I need to be happy with "it's good enough." I also didn't allow myself to obsess about which fabrics to choose for the center block. So I picked, changed my mine once, and that was it. If I obsess about these "little" things, I'll never finish it.


  1. Kelly,
    It looks great. I love the orange solid. I am in the same boat as yourself when it comes to the obsession to make everything perfect. I am trying to work on that myself, but to no avail, I will rip it out, over and over...I have been known to rip out half of an afghan because I found an error. We can work on this together. I hope you had a lovely vacation.

  2. What's not perfect? Where? I think it looks great!!
    You're right, though, that if you nit-pick everything, you'll never finish. And the imperfections will LITERALLY wash away with time and washing and love.
    I'm excited for you as you go through this process!

  3. It looks awesome! Cami will treasure it for life!