Saturday, June 19, 2010


Today, the LA Modern Quilt Guild took a field trip! We first met at Starbucks, where one regular (I'm guessing) customer said it was about a decibel louder than normal. Then it was off to Michael Levine's to take a tour and browse their beautiful and plentiful fabrics! Did I mention we were given 20% off our purchases? Yeah...

I did good, though - I didn't go overboard. I bought fabric that I needed for Kendall's Christmas/Birthday Quilt (what was supposed to be the original "first quilt"). The pink and red will be used for the front of the quilt, and the other two will be for the back. I've ordered the jelly roll I need for the coin part of the quilt, so I'm pretty much all set.

When I bought my fabric for Cami's quilt, I had no idea what to do for the back, so I only bought the fabric I needed for the front. Now I know what I'm gonna do, so I was really on the lookout for more of the Apple Collection fabric at the store. Unfortunately, I only found one of them, but I bought what I needed of that.

My one "splurge" was this darling fabric that I couldn't resist! I have absolutely no idea what to do with it, but I just had to have it.

After shopping, we went to lunch at Clifton's, which was unexpected, weird, and fun! I had a great time finally getting to know some of the ladies, I officially became a member, and I'm looking forward to our next get together!

When I came home, I learned about Kendall's new hat (in case you can't tell, it's her panties).

And I was greeted by this little monkey.

Life is good.

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