Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quilt Along - Week 1

Yesterday, we were given instructions on how to cut all the fabric. I started last night, and just finished this afternoon.

I'm still so in love with this fabric, and I'm so happy I get to use it for something! I'm ready to dive in and start sewing, but it'll have to wait. We're going on vacation in a few days, and the next set of instructions won't be posted until next week anyway. Which I'm kind of glad about. It's nice to have a break in between instructions so I don't get so rushed with it. I want this to be nice and I want to take my time with it. I think the quilt along will keep me focused.

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  1. Kelly,
    Thanks for the nice comments about my chick quilt. I can say you are the first person to comment on my blog. :-) We will definitely have to keep tabs on each others progress for the quilt along.