Friday, June 25, 2010

I Got Busy!

I hit a stand-still with my quilt along (I didn't buy enough of the orange fabric), and since my jelly roll for Kendall's quilt came in the other day, I thought I'd cut out my 125 2 1/2" x 5" pieces for that.

Except I didn't stop there.

I then cut the fabric I need for the corners (the red fabric).

Then I cut out the fabric I need for the top, bottom, and sides (the pink fabric).

Then I cut out all the white sashing.

Which means I'm done cutting all the fabric I need for the quilt top!

I even laid out the coin pieces in the way I want for all 5 rows, and stacked them in order in piles. Now I'm ready to sew it all together!

Oh, and I have some very exciting news. Well, it's exciting to me anyway. I ordered a new sewing machine from, and today's the day it comes. I'm so excited! My little White Classic has been good, but I'm ready for something better.

Now, what to do with the old one? If you've gotten a new machine, what did you do with your old one?


  1. So you'll have to update us with how the new machine hummed. :o)

    I'm keeping my old Brother for when it's time to teach Mookie how to sew. It's held up for 17+ years now, and I think it will be perfect in 2-3 years. Mookie doesn't know that, though. :o)

  2. Saving it for the little ones is a good idea! But, on the other hand, I know a neighbor who has thought she wants just a basic machine to do very small projects on that might be interested in purchasing it from you :-)