Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I've been so busy working on both quilts that I haven't had time to blog! My new machine came in last week, and it's definitely been getting a workout. I love it! Check out my messy workspace. I am by no means a neat, organized crafter...or person, for that matter.

To sum up, I've finished Kendall's quilt top, and I've done this week's quilt along assignment.

I was talking to Melissa the other day, telling her that I'm not super happy about some of the imperfections in Kendall's quilt, to which she assured me that those "little" imperfections give the quilt character.

Well, let me just say, both of these quilts will have oodles of character! They are far from perfect, but I'm trying to be okay with that.

Anyways, here's Kendall's quilt top. I don't know why, but I don't feel like showing the whole thing. I think I'll wait til it's all done.

And here's Cami's.


  1. Found your site through flicker, through a site, through a site! Loving the bright Christmas quilt for your oldest. The happy Halloween quilt is a great idea also!

  2. I really like your fabrics choices for both quilts. And my quilts have lots of "character" too. :)

  3. Yay!! I'm loving them both!! You'll need to bring both of them on Monday to the MQG meeting. Everyone will be just as stoked as I am to see them. Well done!!
    (yay for quilt converts!)

  4. How cute are you! And if I could grafitti your photo, I'd draw a thought bubble and write, "as soon as I'm done with this piece, I'm gonna go write Monica an email and make her day. And night. And tomorrow."

    Darling quilt! And there's no such thing as imperfections. They're called character or design opportunities. Like Amy said... I have lots of both in my quilts too.

  5. What the what... grafitti? Sounds like Italian ice cream with Alpha-bits. I'd like to graffiti your photo. It's much easier than sticking it on a waffle cone.

  6. That's what I always say about my homemade stuff - the little imperfections give it personality and remind you that a real person made it. It really doesn't bug me too much - - but then again - - maybe my standards of homemade perfection are lower than they should be. When I was 14 I made tried sewing a bunch of baby dresses - well, I was fairly happy with them, but my mom thought I did such a poor job on the sleeves she took the seam ripper to them and helped me do them over again.

    So maybe you shouldn't listen to me.