Monday, September 24, 2012

Sister Brother Cousin Quilts

A while ago, I mentioned that I was trying to make three quilts by mid-September.  They were for my two friends, who are sisters - one of them has two boys, and the other one just had her first baby.  We were going to be on vacation in Orlando, and the sister that just had her baby lives in Tampa.  The other sister was going to be visiting the same weekend we were going to be in Orlando.  Confused yet?  That's okay.  The point is, I needed to finish all three of these quilts before our trip.  And I did!  All I can say is, I work well with deadlines!

Here's the first quilt - for one of the brothers.  I made a blanket for him when he was born almost three years ago (before I started quilting), but it got lost in the mail!  So he was way overdue for a present from me.  I did a variation of "Drip" from Alissa Haight Carlton's book, Modern Minimal.  The pattern was for a nice lap sized quilt, but this was quite a bit smaller.

For the quilting, I mimicked the loop-de-loo pattern in one of the fabrics from this Fox Trails line by Riley Blake.  I'm really happy with how it turned out, and it went quickly!

For the back, I used the Fox Trails in flannel, and it's so soft and snuggly!

The second quilt is for his brother, so it's the same, just in blue (and it's also accidentally a little smaller - shhhh!).

I wasn't as happy with this wavy line quilting as I was with the loop-de-loo quilting in the other quilt.

Again, another snuggly flannel back.  I'm gonna have to do more of those!

The reason I went with Fox Trails for these two quilts, is because their last name is Fox.  Fitting, right?

The third quilt is for their cousin, who's only a few weeks old.  Again, I used a quilt out of Modern Minimal.    This time it was the "Building Blocks" quilt.  And again, I made adjustments to the size, but not too much.

I used a mix of Kona solids, with that Alexander Henry print as the focus for everything.

For the quilting, I did a wonky herringbone, which is one of my favorite ways to quilt!

Here's the back...

And I really love a polka dot binding, so all three of these quilts got one!

They were all hand-delivered to their rightful owners, and will hopefully be loved, cuddled, and snuggled for years to come.


  1. very nice!
    cute fabric and cozy backing... I like that herringbone quilting too... gonna have to remember that. :)

  2. THESE! I was going to call these the bar graph quilts. ;) I love them. ...Now for the herringbone, do you draw or tape or anything?

  3. Those are great!! Oh, I'm sure they'll all be loved for a long, long time. :) I've got to do some quilting, too, and I'm a bit stumped as to the design. Maybe I'll go with loop-de-loop, too.