Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WiP Wednesday

Wow - three blog posts in a week!  I'm on a roll!

For WiP Wednesday today, here's a quilt top that I just finished.  I'm basing it on the "Building Blocks" baby quilt/playmat from Modern Minimal by Alissa Haight-Carlton.  I changed a few of the dimensions to make it slightly bigger, but it's all basically the same.

This is going to be for my friend, Ange, who's due with her first baby in September.  She lives in a different part of the state, but I'll be seeing her in person shortly after the baby is due, so I'm trying to get this finished before then.  Her sister, Kellie (who is my BFF) will be visiting Ange at the same time I'll be visiting.  Since Kellie has two kids that I've never made quilts for, I'm trying to also make quilts for them.  I love giving quilts in person, when at all possible, and since I haven't seen Kellie in two years, and who knows when I'll see her again, this is a perfect opportunity!

Three quilts by mid-September...I know I can do this!  For those two quilts, I'll be using another pattern from Modern Minimal.  Hopefully I'll have those pieced in the next week or so.

In other WiP news...I'm prioritizing my to-do list by month, and I'm already done with my list for July!  I needed to do Alison's and Melissa's Bee blocks, my QuiltCon block, and get fabric cut and divided 11 ways, so I can mail it out to the members of Bee Happy at the beginning of August.

And just because he's cute, here's a picture of my happy little guy.  Tucker's almost 6 months old now and is the happiest, sweetest, easiest baby ever!

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  1. You have been working hard!! I can't believe how big Tucker is. It goes so fast!
    I am loving that sneak peak at our bee fabrics. Can't wait!