Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bee Happy 2011-2012

I've been kind of slacking when it comes to posting about the blocks I make for Bee Happy, but we just finished (are finishing) this round!  This was my first bee experience, and I have to say it's been fantastic!  The girls in this bee are just amazing.  Period.  Out of all of us, I'm probably the least when it comes to using words, so I'll just leave it at this - I am blessed to be a part of this group, and I'm so thankful that Melissa convinced me to join last year.

Here are the most recent blocks I've made...

Alison sent all of us scraps of lovely vintage sheets and asked for two word blocks - one with our name, and the other with a word that reminds us of her, of the LAMQG, or of Bee Happy.  For that block, I chose to do "LAMQG," since that's how I know Alison.  I used Kelly B.'s wonky alphabet paper pieced pattern.

And last, but not least, Melissa asked for some Mod Mosaic blocks to help her complete this WiP.  As a person with a lot of WiPs, I really loved and appreciated this idea!  She assigned me one green block and one red block.  Here's my green:

And my red:

I've done a few of these blocks before, and they weren't my favorite.  My seam ripper and I usually spent a lot of time together whenever I attempted these in the past.  I'm happy to say that I didn't have to rip out one seam this time!  I think it finally clicked!  I'm really proud, particularly, of that green block.  I have an affinity for polka dots, and the color green, and I realized that I have several green polka dotted fabrics.  I also love Echino, and I only have a small piece of that glasses fabric left, but was more than happy to use it for this block.  I also like that little cupcake.  That block is me.

Anyways, I'm not going to go back and blog about all the blocks I didn't blog about along the way, but here's a mosaic that shows blocks that I made for every month of this Bee Year.

1. My door and window blocks, 2. Katie's Rainbow Tree and Christmas Tree blocks, 3. Libby's Christmas in July blocks, 4. Blossom's String block, 5. Yolanda's Garden Fence blocks, 6. Lori's Drunk Love block, 7. Janice's Circle and Triangle (not pictured) blocks, 8. Rosanna's Asian Heart block, 9. Natalie's Bookshelf block, 10. Nicole's Gees Bend block, 11. Alison's Word blocks, 12. Melissa's Mod Mosaic Block.

We're jumping right back into it, and I have the first month of the year again, which is August.  I'm so excited to be a part of this amazing group of women again!  Stay tuned for another year of Bee Happy goodness!


  1. It was a fun year, wasn't it? That green block is adorable with the cupcake and the glasses! I really need to get started on those!

  2. Man, this has been a great, and creative, year! I wonder what everyone is going to come up with for next year. :)
    And you did GREAT this year! I'm glad I didn't believe you when you tried to convince me you weren't good enough. You've proven your worth, my friend. Over and over again. :)