Monday, May 7, 2012

Feeling the Quilty Love!

A few weeks ago, I blogged about a quilt I received from my Bee Happy ladies for my son, Tucker.  Little did I know that Tucker was about to be blessed again by more quilty friends!

I never blogged about it, but totally meant to!  But my dear, dear friend Melissa (who's the one responsible for getting me into this whole quilt world) sent a quilt for Tucker that is just absolutely beautiful!  I was so surprised when I received this, because she had already sent about a bajillion receiving blankets and burp cloths for him, so I wasn't expecting anything else from her.  I think she even mentioned a quilt to me in an email, but I brushed it off, because I thought she was just saying she wanted to make a quilt for him, not that she was currently working on a quilt for him.  Did I mention, she just had baby #3 also?  Yeah, I was so not expecting this!

If you would like to read about Melissa's story behind this quilt, you can do that here.

I love everything about this quilt - the colors, the linen, the design, the quilting, the binding!  It's pretty perfect.

After I got that quilt I was thinking, "Man, Tucker is one lucky baby!  He has a quilt from me, from my Bee, and from Melissa.  Amazing!"

So imagine my surprise when he received yet another quilt!  I saw this box on my doorstep the other day, and realized it was from Jenn, who I know from the LAMQG.  A while back, she had sent some clothes for my kids that her kids had outgrown (tons of Hello Kitty clothes means my girls are very happy).  So I was thinking she was probably sending more clothes.  But I wondered, could there be a quilt in there?

I was right on both accounts - more clothes for the kids AND a quilt!  It was a collaborative quilt from some of my LAMQG buds.  I think when I received both of these quilts I had tears in my eyes.  To receive a quilt, knowing how much time and effort goes into them, and just that someone thought to even put that much time and effort into a quilt for one of my kids - I was overwhelmed!

So, yes, we're definitely feeling the quilty love in this house!  It's good to have such talented and thoughtful friends!


  1. Wow, what wonderful friends you have! It's all gorgeous, very artsy and creative.

  2. Hello,

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  3. And I suppose both Of these beauties will make it to the meeting today. Please bring them again so I can see them too. What nice friends you have.