Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Market Adventure!

I'm a very lucky girl!  I was able to go to the Fall Quilt Market this past weekend!  I met up with my buddy, Melissa (we both used to be part of the LAMQG, we have two little girls at home, and another baby on the way - this was our last getaway weekend for a loooong time), and we just had a blast!

I arrived in Houston Friday evening, and went straight from the airport to the Hilton, where the Fabric 2.0 party was going on.  Right away, I found all of the LA people there, and I was so excited to see everyone (Melissa, Alissa, Lauren, and Lisa).  The room was filled with familiar faces - popular bloggers, fabric designers, and book authors - and we just mingled.  Meeting new people, reconnecting with others.

One of the people I reconnected with was Shea from The Empty Bobbin.  She's from the Kansas City MQG, but visited the LAMQG back in January, which is when I first met her.  I got a swag bag from the party, filled with all sorts of goodies - one of the standouts being a charm pack of Meet the Gang.

The next day, we got up, got some breakfast, and headed over to the Convention Center.  I had been to the Long Beach Quilt Festival before, so the setup was similar, but this was just such a bigger scale!  It was huge!  I think there were 24 very long aisles - not to mention the exhibits, which I never even got to visit!  This pregnant mama's back was definitely hurting after all the walking.  But it was great to see all the new fabric lines that are coming out, and meet some of my favorite designers.  Some highlights...

Meeting Aneela Hoey (who was at the party the night before, but I was too chicken to go up to)

Seeing my friend's hard work all over the Robert Kaufman section (Ramona pieced 12 quilts for RK, among other things).  Here's just a few of the quilts she pieced...

Unexpectedly seeing my friend from Momen+, that Japanese fabric store back in California that I loved going to (and where they knew me by name, as much as that pains my husband to know).  Seven Islands Fabric owns Momen+, and they asked her to come help them out.  I had no idea she'd be there, so when we saw each other it was like this sweet little reunion!  I was never able to say goodbye to her, and she didn't know I had moved to Florida (and was wondering why I hadn't been in the store for so long), so we had a good chance to catch up.

Talking for a really long time with someone (and I can't remember her name) from Amy Butler.  We weren't even talking about fabric - we were just chatting.  She was so sweet, I wish I remembered her name.

That night, we went to the Modern Quilt Guild Meetup, hosted by the Houston MQG, which was alot of fun!  Alot of people (including myself) won door prizes, which made it even better!  Here's a pic of the LA people, former and current (Melissa, Latifah, Lauren, Lisa, Alissa, and myself).  Sorry my belly's taking up half the picture.

The next day was our last (such a quick trip), so we headed over to the convention center, hit a few of our favorite booths again, and saw some that we didn't see the day before.

I got a picture with Laurie Wisbrun, who I met the night before at the MQG Meetup.  She was just so sweet, and her booth was adorable!

Melissa and I did some more chatting, this time with Mark Cesarik and his wife.  By the time we were done talking with them, we realized that we just had time for lunch, and then we had to go to the airport!  Just like that, it was over!

Overall, my first Market experience was great, and I'd love to go again sometime.  But if I don't, I'm glad I experienced it at least once.  I met so many people - too many to list here - who were all great and cool and wonderful!

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  1. :) those aren't ALL mine. I *did* do the raincoats (slickers), and the Happy Home kitchen stuff, and I hemmed hundreds of those hanging squares. But not that Lorax quilt (2 others), and the dr Seuss bags and only that Swoon Fiesta. and then the dog quilt... Some other people did those other amazing quilts, I don't want to take credit... I MIIIISSSSSSSS you! And I love your belly!