Monday, April 11, 2011

A Little Behind

I finally finished February's Birdie Stitches BOM!  I don't know why, but I haven't even touched this block since February, which has gotten me a little behind, but I remember why I wanted to do this in the first place - to get better at embroidery, and it's fun!  So here it is...

Over the weekend, I was at a retreat, and I took this with me hoping to make some progress on it.  I didn't finish it there, but I did make progress.  Not only did I work on it, but I got input on it!  Some of my friends picked the color of the boy birdie.  Today I finished it all.  Kendall, my 3 year old, suggested that I put dots on the boy bird's tummy.  I thought that was a good suggestion, so I did it!  I'm trying to be okay with how bad the hearts look...but at least it's done.

Thankfully, at the January weekend sew for the LAMQG, I sewed up blocks for February and March, so now all I have to do is trace out and embroider March's block.  Maybe at the sew this coming Saturday, I can get some more blocks sewn?  Oh wait, I forgot - I have to make Easter dresses!  So maybe not.


  1. I think this turned out really cute--even the hearts! The dots on the boy bird were a great addition!

  2. oh my goodness- I love this block! you are inspiring me to try embroidery!

    (I just found you via the O+S forums)

  3. Love the picture of Kendall--she's so much like Grant here--and the blocks are adorable! And your hearts are fine! Love and blessings!