Monday, January 17, 2011

Dreaming and Storage Solutions

You know about Camille, right?  If you don't, check out her blog immediately, and also check out her awesome giveaway going on right now.

A few posts ago, I talked about all the great sewing stuff I got for Christmas.  Something I got a lot of was thread.  Not to mention - not long before Christmas, I bought a Mettler assortment pack.  That means I went from having about 5 spools of thread, to having...well, alot.

And I had nowhere to really put all that thread.

I also don't really have a dedicated sewing/craft space.  I use my dining room table to sew on, and I store everything either in the random blue wing chair in the corner of our dining room or the upstairs hall closet, which is becoming way too small to hold my growing fabric stash. 

I keep seeing cool and pretty ways people store things like fabric and thread spools, but I didn't want to buy anything new (my husband is breathing a sigh of relief right now if he's reading), so I went digging.

I found these three kind-of vase bowl things that were WAY back in one of my cabinets.  I can't remember the last time I used them, or even when I got them, or what I got them for.  But I thought my spools would look great in them, and I was right!

The funny thing is, now it doesn't look like alot of thread, but there's actually about 70 spools!


  1. This is a beautiful shot! I didn't even know about this when I emailed you about needing purple thread. :)

  2. wow! lots of thread. i've been saving lots of jars and containers lately--for all of andrew's crayons/chalk/markers etc. but now that i think about it i could probably use a few for buttons and notions!

  3. Nice! Someday I'll have a craft room...someday. My mom has one now and it's darling and I'm jealous. Great idea for your thread!