Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby M's Quilt - DONE (and some other stuff, too)!

I've been quite the little machine this weekend!

Sunday after church, I made 4 of those little deer ornaments for my friends from college.

Then I put the binding on a little hot pad/quilted trivet that I had made a few weeks ago for one of Grant's friends who's getting married. I decided it seemed weird to just send one of those, so I made a coordinating one.

The story behind these is this...I was browsing the couple's registry, and I saw that they registered for a set of four flour sack towels. They had already been purchased for them, so I bought another towel off their registry and a mixing bowl. While I was at the store, though, I saw those flour sack towels, and I decided to buy a set and make something out of them. So that's where I got the fabric to make these hot pads/quilted trivets.

This morning, I got up WAY too early (on my own) and finished up the binding on this quilt. I've had this quilted and halfway bound since October, when the baby was born. But I became paralyzed by the thought of hand-stitching the binding on. I had started it, and got part of one side done, but that was it. Now that I've successfully (but still not perfectly) machine-bound quilts, I was excited to finally finish this quilt, and get it sent off! So here it is...

Here's a picture of the binding...I used some of the scraps from the quilt top to add a little interest to the binding.

I used Crazy Mom Quilts tutorial for her "Sweet Baby Quilt," and I really loved doing this one! The fabric for the front and back is Tula Pink's "Plume," and the fabric for the binding was from a sheet set that I found at Target.

All that's left for me to do before Christmas is add a binding to a mug rug, make another mug rug, and make a little something for my Dad. It's very doable!


  1. Very doable! Great job! You are a machine. :o)

  2. wow. you are really AMAZing at this stuff. everything is so beautiful!