Thursday, September 9, 2010


So my first quilt that I designed is finished! Perfect corners and all!

I may have designed it, but as you can see, it's very simple (my husband named it "recentered"), which is good, and what I wanted. It goes on our downstairs couch, and we use it as we watch TV, so it didn't need to be anything fancy.

I think my favorite part of the quilt is the binding. I just love the different colors, and how they look against the blue, and how they look against the back of the quilt.


  1. Great job! You'll have to teach me your binding master you!

  2. katy, i use this tutorial -

    but it's taken me several attempts to get it right. when you're ready to do one, i can help you out, so you avoid my mistakes. :)

  3. what a fun quilt!!! i love the bold colors and the offset design. the binding is dandy, too. nice all around!