Friday, September 3, 2010

Do you see that?

That there is a perfect corner!

I did it!

My previous attempts at bindings and corners have not been pretty (did I ever mention that Alissa got my mini quilt back in May? The binding was so embarrassingly bad). Actually, I wasn't even doing the binding right, which was making the corners hideous. This is the first one I've done totally right, and when I folded that corner over and put a stitch in it, I can't even tell you the emotion that came over me! How cheesy is that? I just kept admiring that beautiful corner, much to my husband's annoyance.

I've come a long way, baby.


  1. You HAVE come a long way! And in such a short time, too! Well done. :o)
    Was Betty there, too, and enjoying the corner as much as you were?

  2. I am making my very first quilt and have no idea on how to even start on making the binding. I am only a little ways in though to making the top part but I am really enjoying it!