Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fat Quarter Swap!

The LAMQG had it's monthly meeting last night, and we did a fat quarter swap! I took in 3 fat quarters, so I got 3 in return. I'm really happy with what I got! Plus, one of the prints was wrapped in fabric, so it was a twofer.

For a snack at the meeting, I made these ridiculously awesome grown up s'mores that I saw on my friends blog. I think only 5 or 6 got eaten at the meeting, but my husband was happy about that - he took them into work today. I suggested he do that, so I wouldn't eat them all today. Because I would have. I did half of them the old-fashioned way, Hershey's Milk Chocolate and honey graham crackers. But the other half I used white chocolate and cinnamon graham crackers. Can you say "Yum!"


  1. oh and i also have that skull fabric in pink...

  2. i love that you can do whatever you want with those marshmallows. they're so willing...