Monday, October 29, 2012

I'm Still Here!

In the past few weeks, I've had a realization - those bloggers that are super popular, have tons of followers, and post every day...AND HAVE KIDS...they're my new heroes.  I seriously don't know how they do it.  With my new taxi-driver-mom lifestyle, I'm finding it hard to do a lot of things.  Blogging is one of them.  I am finding time to sew, just not time to write about my sewing!  So I thought I'd just do a quick post showing some of the things I've recently made.  And by recently, I mean, in the last couple months.

First up is a bee block for Natalie.  She asked for wonky stars with these beautiful orange fabrics.  She said the block could only have one star, or multiple stars.  So I went with three.  I've never made a wonky star before, but I had been wanting to so badly, so I'm glad I had this "excuse."

Next are the items I made for the Modernista Homemade Kitchen Swap.  My partner was Karen, and she asked for pretty much anything.  She said she likes color combinations like blue and green or yellow and gray.  I went with the yellow and gray (obviously) and made her a table runner/kitchen mat, kitchen towel, and potholder.

Here's the back of the pot holder.  I used Elizabeth Hartman's tutorial.

I also finished up these two quilts.

I also made this fall pillow.  If you've followed my blog for a while, this may look familiar to you.  It was part of a QAL, and started out as a quilt for my second daughter.  I wasn't able to finish it as a twin size (which is what the QAL was for), so I finished the quilt at the size I stopped at and made a baby quilt for my friend's daughter.  I still had all these strips of squares left over, so I made a pillow out of them.

I also made this laundry bag version of Jeni B.'s drawstring bag out of Valori Wells' "Nest" collection.

Those last few items, I made for a craft fair that I participated in over the weekend.  They didn't sell, so they're now listed in my etsy shop.

Now this may seem like a lot of stuff, and some of my friends with small kids ask me how I do so much.  But really, I work very slowly.  What you're seeing are things that I've worked on gradually over a few months.  I rarely ever just crank something out quickly.  But that's okay!  You know why?  Because these people are the reason I can't crank something out, and the reason I haven't been blogging much.  I love them all so much, and I wouldn't change anything about my life right now!


  1. Kelly, I love the wonky stars! I have plans to make a wonky star quilt using my precious Heather Ross fabric (one block done!) I don't often whip out things quickly either for similar reasons. I love the quilt with the Laurie Wisbrun fabrics! Did you at least have some luck with the craft fair?
    I just started a blog, too and I'm hoping to keep up. If you want to check it out, it's I posted a little giveaway to start the blog on Saturday.
    Emily (vardewoman on Flickr)

  2. I respect you so much! You have your priorities in line and that is what it is all about. Blink your eyes and they will be as old as mine, 19 & 25... OUCH!