Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pillow Talk {Swap} - Done!

I've been wanting to join in the Pillow Talk {Swap} ever since I first discovered it, which was maybe around Round 3 or so.  This is Round 6, and even though I had so much going on (moving, travelling, etc.), I just couldn't resist joining in.

I really like the partner I was assigned to, but also a little intimidated.  She's great.  Her mosaics were awesome.  And I was scared. 

I wasn't able to start on the pillow right away, because we were still living at my mom's house, in the middle of closing on our house, and there was just too much going on.  But that doesn't mean I wasn't thinking about it.  I'm glad my situation didn't allow me to start right away, though, because I was able to take the time to really figure out what I wanted to do. 

Like so many of us right now, I'm kind of addicted to Pinterest.  And I wasn't even looking for inspiration this one particular day, when it slapped me right in the face!  I found this picture of a painting...

Photo courtesy of

My partner likes zig zags, and I thought this was a cool, different take on a zig zag.  Alissa commented on this when I pinned it and called it a "messed up zig zag." 

But could I execute it?  That's always my fear.

I sketched and sketched and sketched until I finally figured it out how I could do it.

Once we moved into our new house, and I got a little bit of time to work, I cranked out the top of the pillow.  It actually came together quicker than I thought it would!

Then it was quilted...

Then we went on vacation, so it had to wait until we got back.  Then I really needed to finish my bee blocks, so those came first when I came back from vacation. 

Last night I was finally able to finish it, so here it is!

The back features a block (which is actually designed by Bek) that my partner happens to like, so it's just a little something extra.  For this blog - again - I had to do some serious sketching.  I actually gave up a few times on this one, but finally figured it out, which is so rewarding!

So that's it!  I'm sending it off today and I hope my partner likes it.


  1. As usual, it's beautiful! I love how it turned out, you did a fabulous job! I'm sure it's going to be loved and appreciated.

  2. Also, the quilting on the squares really sets off the whole thing--what a great idea!

  3. SO COOL!!!! You really did a great job on it. And, yes, I think it might be a good lesson for me to rest on ideas and let them come together a bit more. :)
    Well done!

  4. wow! Kelly, this looks fabulous! I love the little block on the back, too.

  5. I'm not a quilter but I am an admirerer. This is beautiful and as your mom said the quilting really sets it off.

  6. I love the mix of pattern and solids -- so beautiful!