Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mod Mosaic Baby Quilt - Done!

I can't believe it!  Amidst all of our moving hustle and bustle (we're moving from California to Florida on Thursday), I actually finished a quilt!  So here it is...

If you were following my WiP Wednesday posts, you saw that I said I was going to make 3 of the mod mosaic blocks.  Well, I just didn't.  Time got away from me!  So I stuck with the two I had done, and just went with that.  I decided to spice things up a little bit and give them a wonky orientation on the quilt.

Here's a look at the back.  I mainly just used whatever leftover fabric I had from the front - I'm really growing to love piecing the back for this reason.  It's kind of like a puzzle, and it uses up scraps!

And did you see this little peeker on the back?  I like him.

This is my first full-on attempt at stippling.  I tested stippling out a while back, but I had major tension issues.  Since then, I've figured out the kinks, and when I was thinking of how to quilt it, I just kept coming back to stippling.  And I have to be honest - I didn't really like this quilt...until it was quilted.  The stippling might not be perfect, but it works.

As for the binding, I thought the striped fabric was perfect.

As a background, in case you didn't see my previous posts, the mom said she liked green and brown and monkeys.  I had this very yellow-based sock monkey fabric from a purchase 3 years ago.  I figured if I could pull out what little green and brown that was in the patterns, then I could make it work for her.  So I used Kona Sable, Kona Taupe, and Kona Pistachio.

The baby shower is on Tuesday, but since there's a good chance I won't be going to it (since the move happens two days later), I finished up the quilt before church Sunday morning and took it to the mom.  She ended up opening it there and loved it, so yay!  I'm always nervous that the recipients of my quilts are not going to like them, so I love it when I get a genuine, positive response.


  1. I'm impressed you were able to finish the quilt! I think you are totally right about the stippling and binding...both look really good with that quilt!

  2. Great Job! makes me want to finish the quilt that is on my machine right now... Wait, work first, fun later!

  3. Another work of art, you just keep cranking them out! The little monkey is a very cute addition!

  4. That's so totally gorgeous! I love it!