Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crossing off the list!

Last week, I finished up a quilt for my friend's baby, which was on my 2011 To Do List.  I started this back in January at the LAMQG Weekend Sew (blogged about here), but I didn't even touch it again until the Weekend Sew a couple weeks ago.  Oh yeah, and the baby was born in March.  At least I'm only a couple months late! 

So here it is - Baby Brig's Quilt!  I followed the Building Blocks Baby Quilt tutorial from Moda Bakeshop, and I used only Cloud 9 Fabrics from the "My Happy Nursery" collection.  Brig's mom told me that she was going with brown, green, and elephants as the theme, and this fabric was perfect!  As Aunt Spicy said, the fabric is different - not in a bad way.  Just...different.  I'm really looking forward to their "Monsterz" collection coming out later this year.

Here's some closer up shots of the quilting.  I did a wonky herringbone design, and I really love the way it came out. 

And I thought it was interesting that because of the pattern on the back, the quilting virtually disappears! 

Here's the label - I just took one of my scraps, and wrote on the wrong side of it.  I like how you can just barely see the polka dots.

And a shot of the binding...same story - machine binding, no pins, all the way.  Oh, and you can see on the picture of the label above, when the fabrics on the binding changed, I changed out the thread color. 

I was very adamant about the thread color on this one.  I had a perfect match for the blue, but the brown isn't a normal brown - I had 3 different browns, but none of them matched just right.  Thankfully I found an exact match of Mettler thread (823) at a local shop, so I was super happy.

Since I'm talking about thread color, I didn't use my new fave color for this quilt, which is Mettler 844.  There's a good amount of a grayish-brown throughout this line of fabric, and I just happened to have a great match!  It's Mettler 621, and I bought it by accident a while back and just never returned it.  Handy, huh?

I think it's safe to say that I'm officially a thread nerd.


  1. thread nerd! awesome.....did you know there is a 'school of threadology' that you could attend? i think the info is on the superior threads website.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this quilt. Love love love love. Love the pattern (except for zig zags, I'm a simple block lover) and love the fabric. Do I need to have a baby to get a awesome quilt from you? Seriously, I'll do it just for the quilt. :)

  3. i think you've crossed over some invisible barrier into the land of thread nerd quilters. there may be no turning back at this point!

  4. What a great quilt! I am loving it. I saw your comment on alamode today and just laughed that despite the different physical location that we have some of the same friends!! ;)

  5. Yep, i think you have officially crossed over.