Thursday, May 12, 2011


Yesterday was the last day for my giveaway, so today's the day to announce the winner!

Yesterday, I took the very scientific approach to find a winner, by emailing my husband at work and asking him to pick a number between 1 and 100.  In the original post, I said the winner would be the person who got the closest without going over. 

The number he picked was 7, and Kelly (not me, silly) picked 3, so she's my winner!

So far, in the two giveaways I've had, I have a theme with my winners - they're both Air Force spouses like me!  The first winner was Katy, who I know from my current base, and Kelly is at the base we'll be moving to this summer!

I never really said what the winner would receive, and honestly, until this morning I still didn't know.  But since Kelly is all over Flickr, I decided to look at her profile and see what kind of stuff she likes.  So based on that, I know exactly what I'm going to send her, but I'm keeping it a surprise.

So congrats, Kelly!  I'll get your surprise winnings out to you soon!

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