Sunday, April 3, 2011

Showing Off

I'm just looking through some pictures, and I got inspired to show off my cute little family!!!

Okay, so as a background for this first set of pictures...I've mentioned it before, but we're moving from California in a few months. 

The good news is that we're moving closer to family.  Alot closer.  And that's huge!  During my husband's 8 year career in the Air Force, we've been anything but close to our families, and we've missed being near them.

The bad news is, we really don't want to leave California.  If only there was someway we could merge everything California has to offer and still being close to our families in Florida!  But there's not.

Anyways, it hit me the other day that I have precious few moments left, and I need to take advantage of it.  I live in a beautiful suburb of LA called San Pedro.  We had some gorgeous weather last week, so I went for a walk with my girls along Paseo del Mar in San Pedro.  Paseo del Mar is this short, but incredibly scenic street on top of the cliffs over the ocean, with beautiful views of Catalina Island.  I walked from one end to the other and back again, which is maybe a mile and a half round trip?  That's alot for this out of shape Mama!  So once I made it to one end, we took a break so my girls could play on the playground there.  That's where these pictures come from.

I love Cami's face in this one, and Kendall's in the next one...

Happy Cami!

These next two are...not so cute.  The first one is totally random, and is from last September, when my friend was about to move to Chicago.  But I just saw it for the first time right now, because I was uploading pictures from a camera we hardly ever use.  All I can say for the face I'm making is that I'm pretty sure I was trying to get my husband to not take a picture of me.  Guess that didn't work.  But see how beautiful the location is?  This is below Paseo del Mar where I took that walk, and is about 1/2 mile from my house.  This, folks, is why we don't want to move!!

Now for the next not-so-cute picture, was taken on the last day of Mustache March - which, by the way, my husband ended up winning the title of "Mr. Mustache March," for the best overall mustache grown for his office.  I cannot tell you how I happy I am that he shaved it the next day.

Okay, back to some real cuteness.  One nice perk about being in the military in a town like LA is that Grant gets free tickets to stuff quite a bit, like NHL Hockey tickets.  Being from Florida, we're not huge hockey fans, but it's a free pro sporting event, so we'll take it!  This particular game happened to be right during nap time for the girls, so I suggested he just take Kendall, and I'd stay home with Cami, since she's not quite at the age where she's okay if she skips a nap.  Kendall handled it like a pro, though.


And this was a super sweet thing Grant did that I didn't know about until they came home, but he took Kendall to Little Tokyo after the game to get ice cream, and he saw this Hello Kitty store, so they stopped in and he got her a little notepad, and they got their picture with the Cat herself!  So, so glad that mustache is gone!

So that's all.  This was a totally unplanned post, but I just had to share the cuteness!


  1. I can't wait to have you nearby!

  2. your girls are super cute! You should tell your hubby he pulls off the mustache a little too well (read: creepy!) ;)