Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Dresses!

I finished up the girls Easter dresses on Wednesday of last week.  I attempted bloomers, but they didn't come out, so I scrapped it.  Despite that, I'm so happy with how the dresses came out!  I can't believe I actually made dresses!  Unfortunately, it was a chilly day here in SoCal, so they had sweaters on the whole time, but you get the idea...


And here are my girls with my friend's boys.  I don't know how it gets any cuter than this!

You may have noticed the barrettes my girls are wearing?  I used a tutorial I found on V & Co, for a fabric flower ring, made three little rosettes and hot glued them to a barrette.  Took about 10 minutes for both barrettes.  Not bad!

So once again, in case you missed the post about the dresses, I used the Oliver + S Birthday Party dress pattern.  Having never made garments before, I was extremely nervous about pulling this off!  But the instructions were easy to follow, and any question I had, I used the Oliver + S Forum.  I only had to ask one question - the other questions I had were already addressed, which made it super easy!  I was mostly nervous about the box pleats and the buttons and buttonholes, but those were all surprisingly easy!  The buttonholes and buttons?  My machine does it all, and you could practically be blindfolded while doing it. 

All that to say that if you want to make clothing, but you're intimidated like I was, I highly recommend Oliver + S.  I've already got my next couple of patterns lined up!

Oh, and in case you were curious about the fabric I used, it was the Breakfast at Tiffany's line from Fig Tree Quilts for Moda.


  1. The Easter dresses are just adorable! Making clothing scares me...super impressed!

  2. Kelly, the dresses are amazing, and you're totally right...your girls are seriously cute!!! I'm so glad you're no longer so intimidated by garment sewing! There are so many great patterns out there, Oliver + S, Pink Fig, Modkid, lots more. They are well written and illustrated and should be the only ones used until you are incredibly comfortable. Only then should you attempt Simplicity, McCalls, etc, because by that time it will be no problem, even if/when the instructions are confusing. Fabulous job!!

  3. The dresses are super cute! I love the pattern, and Fig Tree fabrics are so sweet for little girls :)

  4. how adorable! they look so, so cute!