Thursday, January 6, 2011

Robert Kaufman Solids Challenge!

The LA Modern Quilt Guild had our first meeting of the new year on Monday, and during the meeting, we were all given a charm pack of Kona solids, which were graciously donated by Robert Kaufman! Can you believe they donated charm packs for any MQG that was interested? How awesome is that?!

Anyways, we're doing a "Solids Challenge" with the charm packs. Basically, we have to make a quilt made entirely out of solids, using as little or as much of the charm pack as we like. We can add only one fabric to it, which has to be a solid, and then another solid for the binding. The back can be whatever we want. We'll present our creations at the March meeting.

I'm pretty excited about this, and already have my design sketched out!


  1. i have mine pretty much figured out, too! i just have to finish up by bee blocks before i'll let myself start working on it. i can't wait to see everyone's quilts!

  2. Darn! I joined the group too late. Any chance I can join the challenge?