Friday, January 21, 2011

Label Love

Can I just say for the record, out of all the labels I've done (which isn't many) this is my favorite?  Check it out...

Once again, I used the old window-light-box technique.  Which means I type out what I want to say in a Word document, picking a cool font.  Print it out, tape it to a window, tape the fabric over the paper, then trace with a micron pen.  I love looking at this one.  Weird, I know.

Here's the whole back, which I kind of like better than the front.  But whatever. 

I think I'll get this baby basted, so I can quilt it at the LAMQG's weekend sew coming up next week.  I was thinking of pebble quilting?  I think?  I need more practice with my free motion stuff, so I'll play around with different styles until I'm ready to quilt it.


  1. Awesome, as usual! You do great work, I know they'll treasure this beautiful work of art!

  2. Wow, I've never seen someone do a label like that. It turned out super nice!