Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Completed Swaps!

I was recently involved with two swaps that are now over. I'm really starting to like swaps, so I hope to be involved in more in the future.

The first was the Scrappy Mug Rug Swap Round 2. I blogged about what I sent, but not what I received, and it was a great little package! We are supposed to show sneak peeks and completed pictures of our mug rugs during the time of the swap. When I saw this one posted on Flickr, I just knew it was mine, because it fit what I said I liked perfectly! But since this swap had about 130 people involved, I did have a little doubt, so I was very excited when I got it. Oh, and it came from quiltinkimmie.

I already posted about the mug rug I made, but here's a picture of everything I sent to my partner.

The next swap was for the LA Modern Quilt Guild. We meet the first Monday of every month, so at our November meeting, we got our partners, and we were just supposed to make something that they wanted. It could be holiday themed, but it didn't have to be. My partner was kind of vague with what she wanted, but she did emphasize that she really likes Japanese fabric. I don't have alot of that, so it meant a trip to one of my favorite stores (oh, darn!), Momen+ in Torrance. They have tons and tons of Echino, Kokka, Heather Ross, etc, and it's just a beautiful store. So I picked out two Echino prints and some linen, which I've been wanting to work with, and went to town!

I came up with a pillow and matching mug rug, and I'm really happy with both! At last night's meeting, we swapped with our partners, so I hope she's as happy with them as I am.

Here's a picture of just the pillow, front and back...

And here's the mug rug. It was my first time working with circles, which I absolutely love now, and it was also my first time trying pebble quilting for the mug rug - I did it in a very cheaty kind of way. I used the fabric on the back as a guide, and I just traced the circles! I love the way it looks on the front. One of these days, I'll get a free motion foot for my machine and I'll be able to try the real thing.

I was so excited knowing who was going to be making something for me. It was Chris of Izzy Inspired! She's amazing, and I knew whatever she made I would love.

She definitely did not disappoint! I told her I wanted something for Christmas, and suggested maybe pillow covers. She asked if it had to be with Christmas fabrics, and I said absolutely not! I love the idea of creating a Christmasy look without actually using Christmas fabrics.

Just look at what she came up with!

These pillow covers are so beautiful! And the quilting - amazing!! Here's a closer look at the quilting for each cover.

And the back of each had these little hexies.

She used the ever-popular Flea Market Fancy line by Denyse Schmidt, which I don't have anything of, and I'm only really just now learning about it. I love everything about both of these! I felt so lucky that she drew my name!! I definitely think I'll stick with this swapping thing.


  1. I am SO happy you love them, they were fun to make for you!!

  2. It's all so artistic and classy looking--you girls ought to be in business! great job, everybody!

  3. Holy COW!!! Chris did such an amazing job! Not that I'm surprised, but, still! Wow. I want to see those pillow covers in person!