Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm So Proud!

A month or so ago, I gave my old machine to a friend who expressed interest in sewing and quilting. I felt good knowing I was giving my machine to someone who really wanted one. Well, she's moving next week, and she doesn't know how to sew! She came over yesterday, and even though she didn't bring the machine, I showed her a few things on mine, so she could at least have an idea of what to do, even if her machine would be different.

She mentioned wanting to try a burp cloth, so I pulled out some fabric, and a cloth diaper, and off we went.

She designed the layout of the fabric herself, I just gave her the dimensions. She did the cutting, and the pressing and the sewing. Amazing how well she did for never having turned on a machine before! I mean, this is great work! She has a great future ahead of her.

She's moving to the Chicago area, and I suggested she try out the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild. She wants to, but is understandably nervous. But if I know Ange, she'll go anyway, and learn some fantastic things! I'm excited to see where all of this takes her.

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